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Boilen v1.2

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Released: Apr 2, 2009
Updated: Apr 2, 2009 by EmperorXLII
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Release Notes

Boilen v1.2
  • Members
    • Event
    • Constant-value Property
    • Immutable Property
    • Mutable Property
    • Dependency Property
      • New or from existing property (i.e. AddOwner)
      • Normal, Attached, or ReadOnly
      • Change, Coerce, Validate callbacks and FrameworkPropertyMetadataOptions
      • WPF and Silverlight
  • Interface Implementations
    • IEquatable
    • INotifyPropertyChanged

Changes from v1.1
  • Corrected error causing generic types to be mistaken for derived types.
  • Added CustomEquals and CustomGetHashCode properties to IEquatable<T> implementer, to support custom method implementations.
  • Added support for multiple property default values with different compiler conditions.
  • Added support for SolidColorBrush default values on Brush properties (generates Brushes.[color] in WPF, and new SolidColorBrush(Colors.[color]) in Silverlight).
  • Corrected ordering of method parameter documentation and method attributes.
  • Changed property and event backing fields to use camel case instead of underscores.
  • Changed naming of property helper methods from Property_[name]_[action] to [name]_Property_[action], in order to make it easier to find methods associated with a property.

Changes from v1
  • Generate System.Diagnostics.CodeAnalysis.SuppressMessage attributes for valid members not recognized by code analysis.
  • Added SetCompilationSymbol method to Implementer<T>.
  • Added InheritImplementation property to INotifyPropertyChanged implementer, to correct for inability to detect Silverlight-only implementations for inheriting members.
  • Only override Freezable.CreateInstanceCore and FrameworkElement.DefaultStyleKey for non-abstract types.
  • Added Visual Studio item template (place in Visual Studio 2008\Templates\ItemTemplates\Visual C#\General under your Documents directory).
  • Create templates for types with base classes that do not have default constructors using new Partial.Type<BaseClass>( "DerivedClass" ) and Partial.Type( typeof(BaseClass), "DerivedClass" ) methods.

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