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Boilen v3.4

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Downloads: 173
Released: Jun 30, 2010
Updated: Jun 30, 2010 by EmperorXLII
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Release Notes

Boilen v3.4
  • Members
    • Event
    • Constant-value Property
    • Immutable Property
    • Mutable Property
    • Dependency Property
      • New or from existing property (i.e. AddOwner)
      • Normal, Attached, or ReadOnly
      • Change, Coerce, Validate callbacks and FrameworkPropertyMetadataOptions
      • WPF and Silverlight
    • Metadata Override
    • Template Part
  • Interface and Helper Implementations
    • IEquatable
    • INotifyPropertyChanged
    • PropertyNameConstants
  • Boilen Editor v0.6
    • Open, edit, and transform any file in a project, without having to place assemblies in the GAC
    • Use snippet dialog to quickly configure and add new members
    • See files with syntax highlighting, provided by AvalonEdit

Changes from Boilen v3.3
  • Added guard to prevent implementing IEquatable on a DependencyObject (which seals Equals to preserve reference equality).
  • Added Category property that can be used to add a CategoryAttribute to a member, without having to call AddAttribute manually.
  • Corrected IEquatable implementation to ensure all named properties were found.
  • Added dependency documentation to attached property accessors.
  • Updated Freezable implementer to use DependencyObject as the base class instead of FrameworkElement, now that Silverlight fully supports dependency properties on DependencyObject.
  • Corrected tabs in Boilen item template.
Changes from Boilen Editor v0.5
  • Updated settings window to show dirty flag only when original and current values differ.
  • Added ability to save and restore state of Main and Open windows.
  • Added support for non-Boilen .tt files, to mitigate issue with application file associations not working for multi-part extensions like
  • Added support for using a source control tool to perform a checkout if a file operation fails.
  • Added support for selecting a single entry for a flags enum.
  • Updated settings window to sort by setting name, and to display spaces between words in a setting name for better readability.
  • Added ability to create new Boilen files from the Open window and add them to the currently selected project.
  • Updated file formatting to work on areas between "<# #>" tags, and to support statement parenthesis.

Changes from Boilen v3.2
  • Fixed problem with mixing conditional and unconditional interface declarations on a type.
  • Added support for member accessibility to dependency property implementers.
  • Added old value as parameter to a mutable property's change callback.
  • Changed mutable properties to use the strongly typed EqualityComparer<T> instead of object.Equals when comparing values.
  • Added support for instance method dependency property callbacks.
  • Corrected namespace handling on template types used as generic parameters.
  • Corrected string conversion of Size values containing special double values.
  • Added support for conditional custom attributes.
  • Removed ambiguity between the AddDependencyProperty overloads taking an existing dependency property and a configuration method.
Changes from Boilen Editor v0.4
  • Added format info for the description parameter in the Boilen Editor snippet window
  • Added Ctrl+T keyboard shortcut for Transform command.
  • Added automated parenthesis and trailing whitespace formatting during load.
  • Updated Boilen Editor to use the AvalonEdit TextEditor control.

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